It is FREE and Easy! offers free support to anyone who is looking to grow a local Cars And Coffee event. We will post your standing information on a static page at no charge and add you to our global directory.

Also at no charge we will allow the event leader to serve as the event page administrator granting full edit rights to your event page.

We will also add your location to our community forum as long as the organizer agrees to moderate the local forum and abide to the rules.

As you grow your local community we also offer for a small fee an easy to manage replicated WordPress site that can be administered by individual chapters.

Subscribed chapters will get the following:

  • Domain name:
  • Ability to offer local sponsors and advertising to support your paid subscription
  • Replicated WordPress website that can be administered by the chapter leaders
  • One email forwarder (i.e.

If you have any additional ideas feel free to contact us as we are always looking for creative ways to grow this community.

All hosting services will be provided by a Curtiss Group LLC company.

We offer the following Technology Services