Start or Register a Cars And Coffee Event

It is FREE and Easy! offers free support to anyone who is looking to grow a local Cars And Coffee event. We will post your standing information on a static page at no charge and add you to our global directory.

If you do not have a local Cars and Coffee we will offer a few ideas on how to get started and we will be happy to add you to our directory.

  • Find a nice location and parking area (that can accommodate a suggested min of 50 car)
  • Gain written permission from the property owner
  • Set a start and stop time
  • Create and publish event rules
  • Make sure no local permits are required
  • Decide if you want to control or prohibit sponsors, advertising, vendors and items for sale at the event
  • Decide if you plan to secure liability insurance
  • Create a social media presence, website, FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter as a few examples
  • Register your event with
  • Have Fun!

As your event grows you will have a few more items to consider:

  • Police or security presence (this is why sponsors will become important)
  • How much to charge for sponsors or advertising (this will help pay for expenses)

We recommend you communicate closely with the local police, they will be your friend if things ever go bad and you can count on a few bad apples to show up at some point.

If you already have an established Cars And Coffee event please register with us and allow us to publish and promote your community on, we will need the following information about your event:

  • Event location
  • Event times
  • Event email contact
  • Event Phone contact
  • If you have a website, FB or other social media

Please send event information and a web link if available to