Davenport – Cars and Coffee Quad Cities


Cars and Coffee Quad Cities meet the 1st Saturday of the summer months

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In case you haven’t heard of us, the following is a little information about Cars and Coffee. It’s a gathering of automotive enthusiasts around the world where proud drivers will congregate to kick tires and have a cup of coffee. There will be something for everyone to enjoy, classics, exotics, hotrods, motorcycles. All photos and text are contributed by the guys and girls that visit the event. If you have information or photos you would like to contribute to the site and the log of weekly visitors, email contribute@candcqc.com

As Cars and Coffee is a new endeavor for the Quad City area there are a few rules and regulations that need to be adhered to.

1 – All road rules must be obeyed.
This may seem like a no-brainer, but the thing that will kill this event quickest is participants engaging in reckless behavior. The only time cars should be driven is when you arrive and park, and when you leave the venue

2 – Use caution – there may be speed bumps at the location so if your vehicle is lowered – take care. Cars and Coffee take no responsibility for owners that damage their own vehicles on the speed bumps.

3 – Obey signage and directions from event organizers, and venue operators.
We are graciously allowed to show off our cars on the premises of local business owners, let’s do the right thing and keep them all happy.

4 – Show common courtesy to other owners
It’s basically a meet and greet for likeminded people to indulge in a few hours of admiring each other’s work. Please don’t play loud or raucous music, and please watch your language.

5 – Do not bring a flask of coffee
We don’t want anyone bringing their own coffee – support the local store’s and bring a few dollars to buy one.

6 – No littering
Keep it clean – ensure used coffee containers go in the bin – there will be one on site.

7 – and most of all…… Have fun!

Please note – Event Organizers reserve the right to remove owners that do not comply with the rules above, or partake in activities that may be deemed inappropriate towards the event, and to the Event Location.
Reckless behavior WILL be reported to the local authorities – so if you feel the need to do a burnout or rev your engine please do so at home NOT at the Cars and Coffee Event.

Cars and Coffee is not a club, it is free to attend for all car lovers from 7-9am, on posted Saturdays.