Nashville/Cool Springs


Cars & Motorcycle Enthusiasts,

WE MEET EVERY SATURDAY AT 8:00 ALL YEAR LONG. The exotics typically have a season from March to November but the rest of us will be out every Saturday (weather permitting) so come join the fun.

The Cool Springs, Nashville, Franklin Cars (Motorcycles) & Coffee gatherings are every Saturday at the Carmike theater parking area in Franklin.

We meet every Saturday but the first Saturday of the month has the addition of Exotic cars.

Please join the crowd and bring out your hobby, exotic, specialty or any other motorized piece of transportation you want others to see. (the more uncommon, the better) Last year there were many gatherings that had over 120 cars in attendance and a couple approaching 150. So if you have nothing better to do from about 8am- until 10:30, please join group at the Carmike theater parking lot in Cool Springs (Franklin).

Time: 8am- until 10:30

 Location:  633 Frazier Drive, Franklin which is the Carmike Thoroughbred 20 Theater parking lot closest to McDonald’s.

 Refreshment opportunities:  McDonalds is a few hundred yards from event or the Starbucks is across Cool Springs Blvd. (1/4 mile)

 Housekeeping notes:  

1)      Pick up your trash. Please leave the parking lot better than you found it or the gracious business owners will end this spontaneous gathering.

2)      Driving onto and exiting the parking lot – PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY AND RESPONSIBLY! Please enter the parking lot slowly, drive through the parking lot slowly and exit the parking lot slowly. Once you have left the parking lot and are on Frasier Drive, continue to drive appropriately. If you feel the “need for speed” and to “throttle up”, please at least wait till you are a mile away from the parking lot before you do anything. We do not want that activity to be associated with the Cars and Coffee event.


We had a great turnout in Nashville Cars and Coffee, over 1200 cars!

Please help us when exiting by using the following map as an exit plan.

Thanks to everyone for for clearing out around 10:30 and for helping keep things under control and peaceful.

Help us try to make this event a bit more organized! We would like to suggest that people who want to show their cars park in the green, vendors park in the red and people who are just spectating to park in the yellow. This would help a lot and keep this event going strong! Hope to see everyone tomorrow from 8-10:30 in the Carmike Cinemas parking.




We had an awesome turn out on Saturday Apr 2! Thanks to everyone for for clearing out around 10:30 and for helping keep things under control and peaceful. I did some rough counts from the two areal shots of today and if my math is close to being correct it looks like we had about 1213 (ish) cars at one point and that is not counting the cars that came in replacing those who left early. This is definitely the largest one to date.

We were lucky to have had the very rare Enzo Ferrari show up for us to see.


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