Chattanooga TN – 5th Saturday Car Meet


Welcome to 5th Saturday, an event for all automotive enthusiasts. Modern or Classic, American, Import, or Exotic this is the place for you. We desire to promote a family friendly event for young and old alike.

Event Guidelines

The purpose of this is to let you know what the 5th Sat crew is all about and what you can expect at one of our events.

We are a group of long term car and motorcycle enthusiasts from all walks of life with a desire to produce a high quality family friendly event for the Chattanooga area. In order to do this we need to set a few expectations:

Family: This is first and foremost a family friendly event. We want you to feel comfortable bringing your youngsters to 5th Sat.

Cost: this is a free event however you may want to bring some cash to purchase meals snacks etc if there are vendors on site.

Alcohol: is prohibited on the meet site. Motorized vehicles and alcohol are a deadly mixture and we want everyone to have a safe enjoyable evening.

Driving: Operate your vehicle in a safe and respectful manner, if you saw it done in “The Fast and the Furious” it is probably inappropriate for our event. Driving while stupid will not be tolerated and includes actions such as burnouts, drifting, wheelstands, etc. If in doubt just don’t do it.

Noise: everyone likes the throaty sound of a healthy engine but no one wants to hear it over and over all evening long. Please refrain from excessive revving and loud stereo systems. Violators will put in an isolation room and forced to listen to Taylor Swift and Britney Spears on a continuous loop till they beg forgiveness.

Respect: this event is purposely open to a broad range of participants. Please respect those who may have different taste than you. We are all proud of our rides and you should be able to admire them all whether they suit your taste or not.

Fun: have fun and tell your friends what a great time you had at 5th Sat!

*We have zero tolerance when it comes to violating our guidelines and jeopardizing the event. Violators will be asked to leave the event and banned from future meets.